Show Production

  • Waysound and its professional audio engineers are excited to offer their services for live show production. Our professional and friendly staff is the perfect choice for any event, large or small, that requires live sound production or recording. Whether it is a music performance, festival, corporate presentation, or a sporting event, Waysound has everything our clients need for dependable sound, including professional lighting and lighting design! We are also available for video production and live video feeds, and are happy to serve our clients in all of their many multimedia needs.

Show Production Rates

  • We offer competitive rates for all of our live show production services. In order for us to properly quote your project please contact us directly. We offer free on-site estimates so that every detail is accounted for.



6 Reasons to Work With Us!

  • Quality

    We feature state of the art equipment, intelligently designed acoustics, and staff that strives for quality with every project.

  • Convenience

    Flexible online scheduling makes it easy to view weekday and weekend availability to schedule your session or book a free tour.

  • Experience

    With over 10 years serving the audio community, we have worked with hundreds of clients and belong to a number of great organizations.

  • Community

    Each year, we give back to the local community by donating thousands of dollars in studio time to benefit schools and other non-profit organizations.

  • Creativity

    Our talented producers and engineers are always open to try new and innovative techniques to capture the unique sound that the artist envisions.

  • Efficiency

    Structured sessions along with an organized workflow designed for each client help to make sure each project is done on-time and on-budget.

Professional Recording Services

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