Gerard Lockett

Working with Justin at Waysound was an incredible career changing experience. It was my first time working in a Professional studio environment...

I can tell you without a doubt, it’s certainly raised my standards and expectations in what I expect out of the recording process now. Three things I can say for sure I really appreciated in working with Justin; 1.It was an amazing learning experience. Justin really taught me a lot about Recording, Engineering as well as Producing! He engaged me and encouraged me to learn. 2. He took pride in what we were doing, he really cared about the project. He made sure it sounded amazing, better than I originally expected. He made sure it was done right! In doing so, he raised the bar. 3. It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the sessions, it was a lot of laughter and fun moments and that can make the Recording Experience that much better. I’d strongly recommend you give Waysound a chance. You will not be disappointed. I certainly look forward to my future projects there" - Gerard Lockett

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About The Project

'Foolish' is a R&B/hip-hop solo project that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Waysound. This track features multiple layers of vocals blended with a single stereo backing track. The layers of vocals give the track a large and complex sound that fills the soundscape with each verse & chorus. The process for this recording was done using an overdub technique. This same technique has been used by many similar artists to achieve a well polished finished product like the sample you hear here. The post production process involved for this track was focused mainly on comping & aligning the layers of vocals along with blending dynamics with the backing track.


About The Song

'Foolish' is straight from the heart, It’s my story! That’s exactly what it is. “ It’s speaking about someone whose given his all to this girl and it’s backfired on him. You realize the entire time you’ve been fooled and you’ve been foolish and now your ready to move on. But before I go, I have to let her know I’m on to her games and this is how I feel lol            - Gerard Lockett


About The Artist

If I had to describe my music. I’d have to say it’s constantly evolving! I’m striving for greatness. I want to be remembered as someone who brought quality music to the world. Lately I’ve found myself dabbling in Rock Music. I find it’s more fitting of my personality. Example; As far my performance style on stage, I’ve always said and felt that I am a Rock and - Gerard Lockett


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