Martin Lopez

Waysound has been our recording studio since the beginning of its existence. Our 4 Strings Attached violin Performing group...

has recorded our Christmas CD and my personal advertisement CD, The Martin Lopez Experience, Limited Edition. The equipment and recording studios are awsome and spacious. The studio is a clean environment and the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable for not only your recording needs, but also videotaping. We had an advertisement DVD made for our non for profit performing group and everyone was excited and pleased. The location was close and easy to find. I highly recommend Way sound production for your next. Music or video project. " - Martin Lopez (Director of 4 Strings Attached)

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About The Project

'Czardas' is a "live" in-studio recording project that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Waysound. This track features the natural sound of violin, vihuela (a high-pitched, round-backed guitar), an acoustic bass guitar called a guitarrón, and simple auxiliary percussion. The process for this recording was done using an live recording technique. Each instrument was close mic'd for tonal and dynamic balancing, while room mics were used to capture the natural sound within the live room. The post production process involved for this track was focused mainly on balancing the instrumentation to sound as natural as possible, while allowing control over volume for each channel.


About The Song

czardas, also spelled Csardas, Hungarian Csárdás, national dance of Hungary. A courting dance for couples, it begins with a slow section (lassu), followed by an exhilarating fast section (friss).


About The Artist

Martin Lopez, is an accomplished violinist, having played and toured internationally since he was a young child. At age six, he was invited to solo with the Chicago Symphony at their Petite Promenade Concert Series. Columnist Maggie Daley of the Chicago Tribune referred to Martin as a “child prodigy. In 2002 inspired by his instructor Betty Haag’s example, Mr. Lopez formed his own school for violin in McHenry County, IL. While developing his program, he accepted a position at Roosevelt University, and later was given the opportunity to teach alongside his lifelong mentor as a studio instructor in violin at the Betty Haag Academy. Besides teaching, Mr. Lopez also composes and performs his own music.


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    Waysound has been our recording studio since the beginning of its existence. Our 4 Strings Attached violin Performing group...

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