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Feb 25

Tip From A Song Writer - "Be Looking"

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Always be looking- Be on the lookout for things in your everyday life that personally interest or inspire you. Everything you see, hear or read will affect your songwriting in some way, so always pay attention to your surroundings and be searching for that inspirado!

Jan 31

How Winter Affects Your Gear

Category: Session Blogs Written by

As winter slushes on and temperatures hit their lowest, it is important to know how to safely care and transport your gear if you are heading into the studio to record, or simply hauling it to a gig. The common materials

Jan 15

AT897 Shotgun Microphone

Category: Studio Gear Written by

As the demand for video work grows, my need for a quality shotgun microphone becomes essential. Not everything in a video will require the use of a shotgun mic, but it is certainly a great tool to have in the mic tool box. After doing extensive research on the best "Mid Range" shotgun

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