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Jun 03

New Tracking Room Floor Installed

Category: Studio Updates

With the spring rain, along with a small leak, we had to say goodbye to our original tracking room floor. Over the past week I, along with the help of my intern John, have been working hard to install the new floor and have the room up and running better than before. Come check it out!!

Dec 17

Waysound Artist Featured in Entertainment Weekly

Category: Session Blogs

I had the pleasure of working with Synthpop artist Harrison Scott on his song "Silence Into Noise". Harrison and his song was featured in a recent post in Entertainment Weekly!

Jan 31

How Winter Affects Your Gear

Category: Session Blogs

As winter slushes on and temperatures hit their lowest, it is important to know how to safely care and transport your gear if you are heading into the studio to record, or simply hauling it to a gig. The common materials

Jan 15

AT897 Shotgun Microphone

Category: Studio Gear

As the demand for video work grows, my need for a quality shotgun microphone becomes essential. Not everything in a video will require the use of a shotgun mic, but it is certainly a great tool to have in the mic tool box. After doing extensive research on the best "Mid Range" shotgun

Jan 15

Using the CAD E-200 to get a killer floor tom!

Category: Recording Techniques

Recording and micing techniques are considered an artform. I have always been told that there are no wrong ways to mic an instrument, as long as you get the sound you need. In an effort to find the perfect nich for a new mic I purchased I decided to try out my CAD Equitek E-200 large

Jan 15

Waysound Promo Video (Pre-Production)

Category: Studio Updates

Looking to put together a promotional video to showcase the studio and the clients we are working with that make it a great place to record. Video is being used more and more to connect with people as a interesting source for information and entertainment these days. Plus being able to use it as

Jan 15

Toska - Recording Their EP at Waysound

Category: Session Blogs

The band Toska is finishing up their EP in the studio with us featuring 4 great hard hitting songs. The group consists of drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar and focuses on quality tone and song writing. They have a heavy sound with the "Wall of guitars" sound that creates a

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