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Jan 15

Steve Firak

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Audio/Video Engineer


Steve graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A in Audio, Arts and Acoustics. Over the last 15 years, he’s recorded albums for artists from alt rock (The Sunshine Boys) to experimental Americana (The Georgia Rae Family Band), audio books (Grammy Winning Storyteller Jim May) to sound design in a sit-com (Upstaged: The Series). Songwriting has been a natural result of working with and for many artists. This culminated in the creation of songs from jazz to heavy metal, from a cappella to orchestral music.


Steve has produced videos and music for individuals, local businesses and mutli-national corporations. An amazing experience was the completion of a documentary on Chester Gould, the creator of Dick Tracy, filming over a hundred hours of footage over 7 years. It was aired on Chicago’s PBS (WTTW). As an audio engineer/producer at Waysound, Steve looks forward to putting his skills to use to help artists with their art while expanding his own understanding of sound, film and storytelling.

Jan 15

Justin LeBreck

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Owner & Producer


Waysound was created by producer/engineer Justin LeBreck, a graduate of Saint Mary's University with a degree in Music Recording Technology. Music has been a passion for Justin from a very young age; studying piano, guitar, and vocal performance.

Justin has worked alongside Grammy winning artists and engineers producing and recording for hundreds of clients. Through his experience, Justin is able to fully understand both the music theory and technical variations in music and production which lead him to create Waysound.

“You won’t find another studio that matches our commitment
to quality, comfort, and great customer service”– Justin LeBreck

With the expansion of the music industry to the Chicago suburbs, Justin is bringing his dream of the once unrealistic studio prices down to a level to which every artist, writer, producer, and filmmaker can afford.

Jul 12

Jake Fontana

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Production Assistant


Jake Fontana graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg with a bachelor's degree in audio production. Now production assistant here at Waysound Recording, Jake handles everything from mixing and recording music to video production and graphic design as well. Jake is a solid singer, songwriter and guitarist; but has been actively playing drums, bass and piano for the majority of his life. Music has been an exceptionally large part of Jake's life and he's ecstatic to be at Waysound where he gets to make the songs artists hear in their heads come to life in the studio.

May 25

Dead Authority Claims 2nd Place Prize

Category: Session Blogs

We welcomed the band Dead Authority at Waysound again this Sunday to claim their prize for winning second place in the 2014 Waysound Song Writing Contest. Their prize, which included a half-day recording session plus Audio Technica headphones was used to record a new song for their upcoming album release slated for this summer. Their new track is called "Paint The Towel Red" and features a hard hitting sound mixed with a surprise throwback in their bridge. 


Look for it and their other tunes recorded themselves this summer. Visit for more information about the band.

Jan 30

contest buttons

Category: Song Contest
Jan 31

How To Submit - Example

Category: Song Contest
Feb 03

Contest Small Print

Category: Song Contest

*All entrants retain all publishing rights to their song. If under the age of 18 you must provide written consent of a parent or a legal guardian in order to participate in the contest.

Jan 30

How to Submit

Category: Song Contest



1. “Like” the Waysound Facebook Page

2. Post your video on the Waysound Recording Facebook Page

3. and include:

♪ Entrants Name

♪ Song Title

♪ Description – What is the song about? What is it inspired from?



Feb 03

Contest Rules

Category: Song Contest


  • Video – submissions must be 5 minutes or less and include video and audio of the entrant performing their song live.

  • Entrants must live in the Chicagoland area.

  • The contest is limited to amateur songwriters only, no professionals in the biz please.

  • Submissions are limited to 1 entry per Person/Group.

Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity – The song displays true thought and passion.

  • Originality – How well does the song standout from others?

  • Lyrics – The lyrics are meaningful and catchy.

  • Arrangement – The flow of the song and its overall pattern.

  • Technicality - How well the piece is performed.

Jan 30

intro contest

Category: Song Contest

About the Contest

Waysound is providing a once in a lifetime experience to the best local up-and-coming musicians and artists in the Chicagoland area. Our hope is to drive community involvement to support amateur artists in prospering to their full musical potential for the world to hear. It’s easy and fun, so get writing and submit your original song today!

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