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Jan 31

It's been how long since I've updated my website??

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It's been a while since the website has gotten some updates. Not because of the lack of material to write about, or the cool things that have been going on in the industry. On the contrary, this is the age old case of too busy to stop and smell the roses. I have been given the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people on projects ranging from studio recordings, videos, and live performances here at Waysound. I've scooped up some really amazing gear that has helped bring the quality of my end product up to a level never thought possible. I've also been closely following new and game changing technology that is sure to disrupt many industries for the greater good. Overall, it's a great time to be a creative individual and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be hitting the keyboard and playing catch-up on all the amazing stuff that there is to share at Waysound. We'll start with my newest addition, Jake Fontana. Jake Fontana - Studio InternJake has been interning with me for several months now and is an exceptional individual on so many levels. In addition to being a great person, he knows his stuff. From recording, video production, to graphic design, he does it all. Jake also plays guitar, bass, drums, sings, and dabbles in piano. Glad to have him on board!




Jun 03

New Tracking Room Floor Installed

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With the spring rain, along with a small leak, we had to say goodbye to our original tracking room floor. Over the past week I, along with the help of my intern John, have been working hard to install the new floor and have the room up and running better than before. Come check it out!!

Jan 15

Waysound Promo Video (Pre-Production)

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Looking to put together a promotional video to showcase the studio and the clients we are working with that make it a great place to record. Video is being used more and more to connect with people as a interesting source for information and entertainment these days. Plus being able to use it as

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