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Dec 17

Waysound Artist Featured in Entertainment Weekly

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I had the pleasure of working with Synthpop artist Harrison Scott on his song "Silence Into Noise". Harrison and his song was featured in a recent post in Entertainment Weekly!

May 25

Dead Authority Claims 2nd Place Prize

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We welcomed the band Dead Authority at Waysound again this Sunday to claim their prize for winning second place in the 2014 Waysound Song Writing Contest. Their prize, which included a half-day recording session plus Audio Technica headphones was used to record a new song for their upcoming album release slated for this summer. Their new track is called "Paint The Towel Red" and features a hard hitting sound mixed with a surprise throwback in their bridge. 


Look for it and their other tunes recorded themselves this summer. Visit for more information about the band.

Jan 31

How Winter Affects Your Gear

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As winter slushes on and temperatures hit their lowest, it is important to know how to safely care and transport your gear if you are heading into the studio to record, or simply hauling it to a gig. The common materials

Jan 15

Toska - Recording Their EP at Waysound

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The band Toska is finishing up their EP in the studio with us featuring 4 great hard hitting songs. The group consists of drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar and focuses on quality tone and song writing. They have a heavy sound with the "Wall of guitars" sound that creates a

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