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Using the CAD E-200 to get a killer floor tom!

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Recording and micing techniques are considered an artform. I have always been told that there are no wrong ways to mic an instrument, as long as you get the sound you need. In an effort to find the perfect nich for a new mic I purchased I decided to try out my CAD Equitek E-200 large

diagphram condenser microphone on a few non-traditional sources. Boy was I suprised with the results! The mic has this low range presence that creates an artificial boominess that might be unplesant on a lot of instruments, but not toms! It turns out to be a great choice to use on floor tom! The clarity of the condenser gives it really punchy attack while the boomy characteristic takes care of all the low and low mids.

The position of the mic is key when using the CAD E-200 on a floor tom. Because of its cardiod pickup pattern, you will want to isolate it from the other drums as much as possible. This is why I use it as a bottom mic away from the other sources that could easily bleed into the mic. Even as a bottom mic, you get a great full floor tom sound. Often I don't feel the need to even use a mic on the top head (sounds crazy, I know). I will always consider the CAD E-200 as a go-to mic for great floor tom sound in a simple 1 mic package.

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