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Tip From A Song Writer - "create simple, and catchy hooks"

Category: Recording Techniques Written by Ryan Lammers
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For me, one of the biggest things with my songs is always trying to be open and honest, lyrically. It’s sort of therapeutic to say things in lyrics that I otherwise wouldn’t say out loud, and I feel like that always makes for a more compelling listen too because it gives people something to connect with. We play pop music, so musically we’re trying to make stuff that's catchy and danceable, so it’s always a challenge to make compelling lyrics but still create simple, catchy hooks and choruses, but I also think that’s part of the fun of it. If you can get an emotional reaction from people while still getting them to dance and sing along, you’re golden.

- Ryan Lammers

Ryan Lammers performs with his band August Hotel around the midwest, and writes their own original music.

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