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Tip From A Song Writer - "the truth will always set things in motion"

Category: Recording Techniques Written by Dave Hoffheimer
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Write a song? Life is a song. Someone loves you, it’s a song. Someone hates you, it’s a song. First write down what happened. Prose. Then, get angry and recognize and allow your feelings to live. When you even out, it will rhyme. Does the song always have to rhyme, no. Do listeners want it to rhyme, most often, yes.

All of my songs are true. They are an outlet for what needs to be released. They tell the story of my life.

Once the lyrics are in a workable form, I begin with drums. I set a 4/4 beat that can hold up the guitars, and then move forward from there. I lay down the bass next. Lead and background vocals root the arrangement, and then, ah yes… the guitar can solo over the melodies and open spaces left to fill.

The only reason I began singing is so I can play guitar. I realize the song is based around the lead vocals, however, for me, music is all about the guitar. I am so passionate about guitar, that I include tracks in my Hoff albums, which are primarily R&B/Hip-Hop.

Writing a song can be easy, it can have writer’s block for what can seem like forever. Tapping into the truth will always set things in motion.

- Dave Hoffheimer

Dave Hoffheimer performs with his self titled group The Dave Hoffheimer Band, and writes and records his original music. His emotional and soulful "blues" sound is directly tied to personal experiences along with honest lyrics.

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