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Tip From A Song Writer - "it’s best to focus on “message""

Category: Recording Techniques Written by Gerard Lockett
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"I’m more of an emotional songwriter or you can say “storyteller.” I’ve learned as you continue to write and gain experience, the technical side, such as proper song structure, working out the melody and how to properly use vocal harmonies can be taught or will come naturally as you grow as an artist."

However, learning to write a song that expresses your feelings and touches other people, moves them emotionally, spiritually, or gets them on the dance floor is a true gift and skill that needs nurturing. You can be an phenomenal musician and/or captivating vocalist, but if there is no connection, you have nothing!

When I’m songwriting I believe it’s best to focus on “message” rather than the gimmicks. Those are the songs, as well as the artist that stand the test of time. When I’m writing, I believe in the “less is more approach.” I feel that this is the best way to articulate your message on record. I try to write powerful lyrics but I never want to overwhelm the listener with too many lyrics. I want to write something people can easily remember and sing too forever.

Also, when recording a song, I’ve personally learned that you don’t have to show all your impressive vocal aerobics on record. It’s harder for the listener to follow. Save your best for your live performance. If you’ve got it, you’ll be in the elite minority that’s actually better live than on record.

- Gerard Lockett

Chicago native, Gerard Lockett, performs and writes his original music all over the city. His thoughtful lyrics, catchy melodies, and stellar vocals make him a true artist!

Discover more about Gerard Lockett and his music here and here.


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