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Tip From A Song Writer - "Potray How Much The Ideas In Your Songs Matter To You"

Category: Recording Techniques Written by Jimmy Marquis
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"Song writing is a very personal thing that also has the potential to reach many, many people. As a young songwriter and now a more seasoned songwriter I find that you should not be afraid to work from and imitate your musical influences."

It is almost an impossible task to write something completely original in form and context but using your influences to form and shape "your sound" is a great way to use ideas that are already really, really great and proven and then build on them. Don't get me wrong, there is a large difference between copying something exactly and using a style and artist as a jumping off point.

Secondly,- content matters - , if you have a subject or person, or place that you want to write about, really think about how that subject has influenced you or why you find it so important. You are typically not the only person that will relate to that subject and if you can portray how much the ideas in your songs matter to you, the songs will have more powerful effects on others.

Next, just keep writing... you will need to write hundreds of songs sometimes before you really feel like you wrote a good one. Sometimes it doesn't take that long, or sometimes you don't realize when a good song is a good song. But what is important is that you keep writing down ideas, melodies, hooks, riffs, and more to really feel like you get to a place where your songs are a real representation of you and you can be proud of them.

Lastly, don't forget sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. I remember when I was worried about trying to make my songs so interesting musically that the content and and emotion of the songs got lost. If you write long enough you will start to hear the other parts of the arrangement come together while you're writing and that is what makes songwriting such a powerful art form, it is ever changing, far-reaching, all while remaining extremely personal.

- Jimmy Marquis

Chicago native, Jimmy Marquis, plays and writes with brother Dan Marquis in their well known acoustic duo The Marquis Brothers. The two are an innovative songwriting team that sing from the roots and write from experience in Midwestern living.

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