Mar 18

Tip From A Song Writer - "Be Playing"

Category: Recording Techniques Written by David Prusina
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Always be playing- It’s unlikely that you will write the next great rock riff when your instrument is sitting in the other room collecting dust. The more you play, the greater the odds are that you will stumble upon that golden nugget. It doesn't even matter if you’re just noodling around! Always be playing and you will find that more and more songs will flow out of you. (They’re the best!)

- David Prusina


Chicago native, Prusina takes a bare bones approach to his brand of folk & country music. Songs of travel, lost love and over indulgence abound as he attempts to bridge the gap between old and new. Prusina’s songs are simple and honest. Prusina can be found performing with The Cryin’ Side of Town band in venues all across Chicago.

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